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Botox® Treatments

We offer consultations for  Botox® injections to treat various medical and cosmetic treatments as follows:

– Treatment of hyperhidrosis excess (excessive sweating of forehead, scar, underarms, hands and feet)

– Treatment of migraine and tension headaches

– Removing of forehead lines and wrinkles

– Removing of crows feet (lateral cantonal lines)

– Removing of bunny lines

– Removing of frown lines

– Masseter hypertrophy treatments

– Temporal eyebrow lifting


Key Treatment Areas

Temporal Eyebrow Lift

For 1 – 5 mm elevation of eyebrows, injection must be made into the supernatural portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle below the lateral third of the brow. Injection of superior and lateral to the orbital rim can minimize the possibility of ptosis.

Crow’s Feet (Lateral Lanthal Lines)

Named for the forked appearance somewhat like a crows foot, the horizontal Ines and wrinkles on the outer aspect of the eyes and eyelids can give an impression of aging. Orbicularis Occuli is the muscle responsible for the wrinkles in this area.

Neck Cord Botox Injection

Age – related depending drag of the platysma muscle causes perpendicular fibrous bands known as neck cords.

Bunny Line Wrinkles 

Appear on dorsal aspects of the nose but which result from contraction of the nose muscles.

In order to assess the appropriate dosage in order to treat under arm hyperhidrosis, a Minor’s starch iodine test is admitted to the affected area, which makes the area of sweating visible, and determines the severity of the sweating. Usually men require higher does than do women.

Injections of upper face and around the eye region is usually preformed with the patient seated, and the patient is asked to remain upright for 2-3 hours to prevent spread of toxin through the orbital septum.

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